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Council 4727 was founded in January of 1959 and has a strong and proud heritage of service to Arlington and the greater Jacksonville, FL area.  The Grand Knight for 2017-2018 is Nick Klepac. You can contact the Knights by phone at 904-723-3810, or contact our Grand Knight by email at

Grand Knight's Welcome Letter

The Bishop W. Thomas Larkin Council consists of active participants in Resurrection and Christ the King Parishes in Jacksonville, FL, and works hard to provide funds for various projects in our local community.

Regular Council Business Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month beginning at 7pm. We meet at our Council Hall 6030 Arlington Expressway in Jacksonville, FL.  Get a map to our hall HERE.


Jun 17 - Road Cleanup 8:00am
Jun 18 - Squires meeting 1:30pm
Jun 20 - Open House & Committee meetings 6:30pm
Jun 20 - Officer's Meeting 8:00pm
July 1 - Knights of the Brotherly Care -Resurrection 8:00am
July 2 - CTK Donuts 7:00am and 9:00am
July 11 - ACA / Business Meeting 7:00pm
July 15 - Road Cleanup 8:00am
July 15 - Bunco Knight 6:30pm
July 16 - Squires meeting 1:30pm
July 18 - Open House & Committee meetings 6:30pm
July 18 - Officer's Meeting 8:00pm
July 25 - 1st Degree (candidate call is 7:00pm)
July 28 - PB&J's for Soup Kitchen 6:00pm
Aug 4 - First Friday Mass 6:30pm
Aug 5 - Knights of the Brotherly Care -CTK 8:00am
Aug 6 - CTK Donuts 7:00am and 9:00am
Aug 8 - Business Meeting 7:00pm
Aug 12 - Road Cleanup 8:00am
Aug 15 - Open House & Committee meetings 6:30pm
Aug 15 - Officer's Meeting 8:00pm
Aug 20 - Squires meeting 1:30pm
Aug 22 - Family Dinner and Movie Night 6:30pm
Aug 29 - 1st Degree (candidate call is 7:00pm)
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Grand Knights Report

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Recent Events
2017 Easter Egg Hunt
Apr 15, 2017
2017 Religious Appreciation Night
Feb 8, 2017
2017 K'Cees Donations to Schools
Jan 30, 2017
2017 Squires Adventure Landing
Jan 29, 2017
Past Events
Knight of the Month
June 2017 - Our Knight of the month has been a Knight of our council since 1996.  He has served us in so many ways over the years, but for the last two years he has faithfully inspired us to draw closer to God.  Due to the time constraints of being a busy pastor, our Chaplain was unable to attend our meetings or write our Chaplains Corner for our Newsletter.  Deacon Stan Grenn eagerly agreed to step in and he has made our lives richer for it.  Please join me in congratulating Deacon Stan Grenn, our Knight of the Month!
Past Knights of the Month
Family of the Year - 2016-2017
Nick and Bernie Klepac

Our Family of the Year is a driving force in our Catholic community.  First and foremost, they are devoted Catholics who have the love of Christ in their hearts.  I won’t embarrass them by going into detail, but I have personally witnessed the love that they have for their fellow man through their prayer life, their charitable works and the way that they go the extra mile to help others.  Both of them have been very active in the Knights and KCees.  He became a Knight in 2009 and made all four of his degrees in a little over a year.  He has a heart for success and is consistently looking for ways improve what we do.  He has held three formal officer positions in our council but has been active in so much more through committees and program events.  She is always there when something needs doing and has led our KCees for the last two years.  As active as they are in the Knights they seem to be even more active in the parish life of their church – Christ the King.  I am amazed at their energy, their work ethic and their love for their fellow man.  Please join me in congratulating our Family of the Year – Nick and Bernie Klepac.


Family of the Month
June 2017 - Our Family of the Month has been very active in our council since 2011.  A large part of their efforts are focused on one of the primary focuses of our Order – Right to Life.  As our Right to Life Couple they are very active not only with our Order’s efforts but on an even larger scale for the city as well.  She is one of the primary movers and shakers in the Right to Life initiative in Jacksonville.  She also serves on many boards including the Council of Catholic Women.  He is also our Council Advocate and has been instrumental in coordinating our most recent update to our Council Bylaws.  We will miss them greatly as they are moving to the beach.  I hope that they come back and visit often.  Please join me in congratulating this month’s Family of the Month – George and Pam Dewey!
Past Families of the Month
Knight of the Year - 2016-2017
Ricky Whiteford

Our Knight of the Year is a very busy man.  His job keeps him hopping from city to city and he has not found time for the Knights, but he has made time the Knights.  The difference between the two is commitment.  He has only been a Knight since 2015 but in that short period of time he has accomplished much.  He completed his third degree in less than one year and has attended many meetings and functions.  He has been an officer of our council holding the position of Inside Guard for the last year.  Through his work connections he was able to assist our council with a fabulous conference table and chairs for our conference room allowing us to free up more meeting space and conduct more committee meetings.  He was able to secure ceiling tiles for us, replacing ones whose useful life had long since passed.  He was one of our top sellers for our Hog Hunt Charity Raffle.  He has also achieved something that very few of our Knights ever achieve.  This year he was awarded the prestigious Shining Armor Award.  He must value membership in the Knights fairly highly, because one of the new members that he recruited is his own son Anton.  Please join me in congratulating Ricky Whiteford our Knight of the Year!